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Euroline Premium Plus® Twine

Euroline Premium Plus®

Euroline Premium Plus® netting is a product that has a high breaking strength which allows to reduce the diameter of the net twine used, which in turn generates up to 25% decrease in the resistance to forward motion in fishing nets. This reduction enables the use of larger nets with the same power or increase the saving of fuel using the same net plan.

Euroline Premium Plus® nettings have the following advantages for trawls:

  • Smaller diameter twines can be used for the same strength
  • Good stretch recovery without major deformation
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Clean fishing (for example: jelly fish will not adhere to the netting)
  • Economical, if compared to Dyneema® and Spectra®

On this line of Euroline Premium Plus® netting, we decided to produce netting with twine sizes from 1.0 mm to 5.5 mm. We consider that, on the heavy sizes of 6,0 mm and 8,0 mm, the present line of the Euroline Premium® netting is sufficiently strong for it’s applications.

Diameter (mm)Runnage (m/kg)Breaking Strength (kgf)

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