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Euroline Premium® Twine

Euroline Premium®

Euroline Premium® is a polyethylene netting which, in addition to its strength and abrasion resistance, offers a clean fishing like all the polyethylene materials.

Euroline Premium® nettings have the following advantages:

  • Single mesh instead of double can now be used in larger codends
  • Smaller twine can be used in existing trawls so greater towing speed can be achieved
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Much more economical than knotless netting material and only slightly higher than standard Euroline® netting
  • Clean fishing, easy handling and good knot stability
  • Good abrasive resistance and stable elongation.

Bottom Trawling Applications

The fact that Euroline Premium® netting has smaller diameter of twines with the same breaking strength makes it advantageous when used in Bottom Trawl nettings.

Pelagic (Midwater) Trawling Applications

Euroline Premium® netting is made with filaments that are stronger than nylon fibres.

Euroline Premium® netting provides characteristics very suitable for bottom trawl applications:

  • Good Elongation
  • Good shock absorption
  • Good stretch recovery
  • High strength
  • High abrasion resistance
Diameter (mm)Runnage (m/kg)Breaking Strength (kgf)

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