Euronete (UK)

Supplies to the fishing & Offshore Industries

HL Series
Buoyancy KG*Length mmDiameter mmEye diameter mmWeight kg
  HL1 12,0 / 7,5       470       230              22      1,15
  HL230,5 / 18,5       620       300              22     2,1
  HL351,0 / 30,5       745       350              25     3,1
*Gross buoyancy / Recommended maximum load.  Do not over-inflate! Maximum 0.15 bar of pressure at 20° Celcius.

Cylindrical, ‘bullet-shaped’ POLYFORM® HL-buoys are specially
designed to reduce drag when used under conditions with strong
currents. Under some conditions, the HL-buoys can considerably
reduce the drag when compared to spherical buoys.The HL-buoy is
also a popular fender, especially on boats with low freeboard.
Designed with the original POLYFORM® blue-top ropehold, the
HL-buoys are heavyduty buoys, used by commercial fishermen in
inshore and offshore environments.