F-Series Fender


The strength of a fender depends upon the eye, as that is where the strain is taken. With Polyform F Series fenders the eye is solid and reinforced. Unlike other makes of solid eye fenders the eye is moulded-in as part of the fender – not pre-made then moulded in afterwards – so there is no seam or weak point around the eye.
Unique vinyl valve & nylon screw for an airtight seal.
Seamless finish.
Moulded-in blue tops (not painted) guaranteed not to mark.
UV resistant – they won’t go ‘sticky’ in the sun!
Manufactured from high grade marine vinyl. Consistent heat control
during manufacture eliminates weak Spots or ‘runs’ in the vinyl.
Optimum 4mm walk thickness throughout.


Rope hold:
Solid, ribbed and reinforced, injection molded.

Integrated part of the rope hold, all plastic, unique air-filling adapter.

Produced with PVC
– inflatable soft vinyl.


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