A Series are ideal for fender. Marker buoys, mooring buoys (swinging mooring) and anchor retrieval.
Eye is solid & reinforced and moulded in (not stuck on as with some other brands)
Unique vinyl & nylon screw for airtight seal
Seamless finish, moulded in blue tops (not painted) guaranteed not to mark UV resistant
Wide range of colours and sizes to suit all requirements.
Consistent heat control during manufacture eliminates weak spots or “runs” in the vinyl


Rope hold

People associate inflatable buoys and fenders with the easily recognizable blue, rib reinforced rope holds of the A-series. These are high pressure injection molded, solid right trough with reinforcing ribs.

Inflation Valves

These inflatable soft vinyl buoys and fenders have inflation valves that is an integrated part of the ropehold through friction welding – there is no glue used. The valve is all plastic with no metal components, and thus no corrosion-problems will occur. It is fitted with a half a turn screw and integrated non-return flap, along with Polyforms unique air-filling adapter.
The A-series buoy from size A0 to A5 are fitted with the V-10 valve. The A6 and A7 buoys are fitted with the larger V-40 valve. The A7 has the Polyform® double valve system for more easily deflation.

Maximum Strength

A-series are produced in eight different sizes.
Each model is designed and molded in order to offer a maximum of strength. The wide range, from the smallest to the largest buoy, makes them useful for all kinds of fishery and in a wide variety of maritime sectors.


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